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The Young Women's

Empowerment Program

In Kenya girls cannot go to school after  puberty because they are too poor to buy monthly sanitary supplies.  This leads to missed school and they eventually drop out. We have developed a program where we employ widows to sew washable cloth sanitary napkins with Velcro tabs. We source materials locally, and give young ladies desperately needed supplies. With your donations, we are able to create a small economy in the Asembo area.  The girls are given instruction in hygiene so that they can attend school.'

This ministry has formed a partnership with the local middle and high schools who welcome us in so that we can do the training and distribution.  Female visiting missionaries are very helpful here.  They teach the girls about feminine hygiene, as well as abstinence.

Uneducated women are likely to be forced to marry young. and possibly become early widows or become mothers of a number of children.  We attempt to keep girls in school. With a high school education and a trade they have a chance at a better life.

We educate the boys in school as well, helping to change the local culture.   Our project for example, purchases soccer balls and we play football with the boys then take the opportunity to teach them about abstinence.  

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